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The Knowing Newham Hero Hunt!

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‘The Knowing Newham Hero Hunt!’ is an interactive theatre show for family audiences or KS2 in education. It explores Newham’s wonderful heritage in an exciting and dynamic way that will the next generation about their fantastic borough and its incredible people.  


Children will enjoy learning about fashion designer Mani Kohli, inventor Walter Hancock, jitterbug dancer Josie Woods, community bookseller Vivienne Archer, memory-maker Mahomed Gama, and all round community champion Auntie Tee.


The audience will help our Hero Hunters discover these people and their legacy using clues, a map, problem solving, drama, fun facts and time travel, working as a team to uncover the future heroes of Newham Borough!


Devised by Raewyn Lippert, Vickie Holden and Niall Moorjani

Scripted & Directed by Vickie Holden 

What teachers say about the show:

“Excellent! Enjoyed it so much! Entertaining and fun….amazing and very informative...journey to learn about Newham’s Heritage.”

“Very enjoyable, educative and fun”

Audience feedback, Newham Heritage Month


“A great way for children to learn the history of the area they live in.”

 Ardeley Primary School

Primary School Shows

Would you like us to perform in your school?


First show: £265

Second show in the same day: £200 

Each performance lasts 65 minutes and can be performed for up to 120 pupils.

We also perform in arts centres, studio spaces, libraries and community venues. Prices for public shows vary, please contact us here for further information.

Booking information

If you would like us to perform 'The Knowing Newham Hero Hunt!' in your school, a public event or club,

please contact us here. 

‘The Knowing Newham Hero Hunt!’ was created for, and the generous

support of Newham Heritage Month 2021.

Pākiki Theatre is an ArtsMark registered company.



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